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  • Into the Malibu House of Malevolence…(part 2)

    Suddenly a terrifying buzzing sound reverberated throughout the room. I thought, “Insects? Hmmm. No. . . Rattlesnake? YES!” Nagaina was coiled, set to strike, on the mat just outside the door. I screamed “NO!” at Maggie

  • An Irving Berlin Christmas look…

    Most years we light up the place like this, although there was the one year when we returned from a Thanksgiving trip to the other Coast to find the gutters so cemented with ice that Michael had to use a wood-burning iron to melt holes for the lights to clip onto.

  • What to Cook For Christmas Dinner? (part 2)

    (A Prime Rib Primer – Conclusion)     “Twas the Night Before Christmas Dinner and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… (well, except for you) as you sneak downstairs to rub the marinade you made earlier in the day into your now perfectly dry-aged prime rib roast.  If it looks a little […]

  • What To Cook for Christmas Dinner? (part 1)…

    It’s a little after 7 am — 5° outside, and it’s barely daylight. The three big dogs have already been out, racing each other to see who can pee the fastest and get back into the house. The two cats barely got within two feet of the cracked open door before — with tails angrily switching […]